Sunday, 16 September 2012

Short-billed Dowitcher - finally!

I was supposed to be going to see Britain's second ever Short-billed Dowitcher last Saturday night, but my brain was so frazzled after the Genome Informatics 2012 conference that I'd been attending in Cambridge that I decided that I was just going to head home for fish and chips instead of driving overnight, sleeping in the car and fighting the traffic back to Norwich the next day. So, this weekend I drove over from Norwich to Stoke with Matthew on Saturday to watch the (very entertaining) Stoke v Man Ceth game and then set my alarm for 4am to get up to drive down to Lodmoor, Dorset this morning. It was on show almost immediately after I arrived and showed nicely for the half-hour that I was present.
It was nice to meet Vincent Legrand from Belgium, twitching the dowitcher with a bunch of other Western Pal birders from Brussels.

Juvenile Short-billed Dowitcher

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