Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Shetland - Day 2

The wind and rain was horrendous today and meant that we only really ventured out from the house during the occasional 'lull'. We still got soaked, but at least it took a bit longer to get soaked. Geoff Wyatt found a Common Rosefinch in the weedy field by the post office first thing and then we found two Little Buntings in the field behind the house (on Springpark Rd.). I saw one of the birds on the deck a few times and the other bird flew up calling from near where we flushed the first bird, so I'm presuming both birds were Little Buntings, although none of us got a great view of the second bird before it flew west to house on the west side of the A968. One of the birds was still in the same place in the afternoon before it flew east to the deserted crofts.

The wind and rain should be stopping by lunch time tomorrow, so we're hoping for good things!

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