Sunday, 16 February 2014

Quck venture out

So it's finally stopped raining and the wind has died down enough below hurricane-force that I feel it safe to venture out into the field. In fact the sun was actually shining! So, I headed out to east Norfolk to have a mooch around Martham and Horsey to see what was around. Martham Broad was pretty quite, with about 30 Tufted Duck, 20 Gadwall and a Eurasian Wigeon being the only thing of note there. Four Common Cranes (2 pairs) were feeding in the fields just east of the coast road between Somerton and Horsey and the Black-throated Diver was swimming around in the middle of Horsey Mere. There's no access to Horsey Mill and hence the footpath past it to go around the south side of the boat mooring, so you need to head around the north side of the broad to view it. The bird was viewable after about 200 metres walk from the car park.

Finally, I did a late afternoon visit to see the Glossy Ibis by the river at the end of Cess Rd. The bird is very approachable and poses quite nicely for photos.

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