Friday, 4 October 2013

Isles of Scilly - 4 Oct 13

I started off first thing at Pendeen Lighthouse, just before 7.30am. As I drove down to the lower car park, a bird flew out from the side of the track and landed in front of my car, dazzled slightly by my headlights. It was facing away from me, but then turned it’s head 180 degrees to look at me – a Wryneck! It sat in front of the car for a while and then flew up onto the wall next to me, but alas not long enough for me to get any photos. It showed well later on my way out of Pendeen and I managed to get a few shots of it. Alas, as I was trying to get back to St. Just airfield I didn’t have time to look at the rest of Pendeen. If I had, maybe I’d have found the Isabelline Shrike that was found later in the day! Could’ve, should’ve, would’ve – didn’t.
Wryneck, Pendeen, Cornwall

Wryneck, Pendeen, Cornwall

Anyway, I got my flight across to The Scillies at 9.30, moved into my digs, got the groceries in and headed out into the field. It must have been my Wryneck day today as at the north end of Port Mellon I noticed a small bird hoping around the rocks, raised my bins and realised that I’d found my second Wryneck of the day! There were lots of White Wagtails and Wheatears on the beaches. I’d estimate that I saw at least 50 White Wagtails today and around 30-40 Wheatears. My route took me over Harry’s Wall, Porthloo, Telegraph, Content Farm, Pelistry, Green Lane and Watermill. Spotted Flycatchers were quite numerous (6) with a few Pied Flys, 3 Whinchats, 5 Yellow Wagtails and a nice winter-plumaged Blue-headed Wagtail.
Once I’d left Hugh Town, I didn’t see a single birder (just a few dudes). I’m sure there must be more stuff about. Just hoping that I can find it!

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