Sunday, 24 February 2013

White-tailed Eagle in North Norfolk

I headed up to see the White-tailed Eagle in North Norfolk today. Luckily, someone found it sat in a field just east of Dersingham and it was on show as soon as I arrived. Putting my foot down upon hearing the news was a good decision, as no sooner had I been watching it for a minute or two, the bird took off, circled around a bit and then headed off NW. I headed off to look for it, but after about an hour it returned to the same area and I then followed it as it headed over Anmer and then Houghton Hall where I last saw it. I managed to grab a few photos of it as I stopped at various points along the route. The top photo shows it with a Common Buzzard (which is right next to the eagle, mobbing it) to show the size difference between the two.

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