Thursday, 2 September 2010

1 Sep 10, Osprey - from the office!

I'd long predicted seeing a Red Kite over my workplace at The John Innes Centre and when I first saw a large raptor circling from my office window I thought today was the day. The bird was back-on and could just make out the dark back and slightly downward-flexed wings. I was expecting the bird to circle round and reveal a long forked tail and white wing patches, but when it did turn I was momentarily flummoxed. Instead of red-brown underparts with a big white wing patches, I was confronted with a short-tailed bird with black and white underparts, with a large black carpel patch. "Oh my God! Osprey! Osprey! Look up here - it's a fuckin' Osprey!!!" was my reaction to my somewhat bemused office mates. I grabbed my bins and watched the bird as it soared around, gaining height on a thermal. I rushed round to a the office of a work college who I knew was interested in birds, but by the time we returned to see the bird it had drifted off west.
This now brings my work list to 81. BUBO Work list

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