Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Another White’s Thrush Wednesday!

Hot on the heals of last Wednesdays White's Thrushes, today bought another one which showed really well to the amassed birders and dudes (although Sphyrapicus Steve did an excellent impression of Mr. Magoo, looking up in the air as the White's Thrush flew about 5 metres past his knees and then landed under a van behind him and yet he still didn't see it!).
But, I'm jumping the gun. The interesting birds started on Tuesday night. Fos was having his last fag of the night at the doorway of The Puffinn, when a Brambling flew in to in the reception (above). It obviously wasn't too happy as it flew around in circles and when it did alight it was obviously panting. We switched off the lights and it landed on the ground and after a couple of attempts I managed to dazzle it with a head torch and grab it, releasing it outside so it could make alternate accommodation arrangements.
This morning when I rose, the first thing I did was to check on the Guillemot - it was still alive. I decided that there wasn't much else I could do. It had a good rest overnight and it was time to release it and let it do-or-die in the sea. I let it go in South Harbour (above) and it splashed around fairly happily.
So, now on today's birds….
Well, obviously the White's Thrush was great. It was found by Rebecca Nesquick who was happy-snapping one of the two new Bluethroats at the time when the boy jumped out in front of her. I'm sure her photos are much better than mine! There were a bunch of new arrivals on the island today, and thankfully they were birds and not more clueless birders. There were at least 2 new Common Rosefinches and 3 Yellow-broweds on the island today, plus lots of Blackcaps, Redwings, a few other Pylloscopus and Silvia warblers, lots of Brambling and a Short-eared Owl. A 'strange' bunting at the obs started off as a Rustic, then Pine, and finished as a Yellowhammer.
I really thought there would be something really big today (OK, White's Thrush is pretty 'big' but I was hoping for something even bigger than that). Hopefully there'll be some stuff left on the island tomorrow, or there'll be new stuff in overnight for us to find tomorrow.

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